Brazilian Pollinators Initiative


- The International Pollinators Initiative: The Declaration of São Paulo on Pollinators

- COP 5 : International Initiative for the conservation and sustainable use of pollinators. With annex: Plan of action for the International Initiative for the conservation and sustainable use of pollinators

- COP 6 : The International Pollinators Initiative

- GEF proposal for a PDF block B grant

- Workshop "S? Paulo Declaration on Pollinators Plus 5 Forum"

.Group 1. Discussing the surveying and monitoring of pollinators at natural landscapes and cultivated fields
.Group 2. Assessment of Pollinator - Mediated Gene Flow
.Group 3. Bees’ Management for Pollination Purposes
.Subgroup 3.1. Bee Management for Pollination Purposes - Bumblebees and Solitary bees
.Subgroup 3.2. Honey Bee Management for Pollination Purposes

- Documents from the Second International Steering Committee (ISC) Meeting; FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy; 13-16 December 2004


. Brazil
. Ghana
. India
. Kenya
. Nepal
. Pakistan
. South Africa

Global Stocktaking

Extending the Knowledge Base
Promotion of Pollinator-Friendly Practices
Capacity Building and Awareness Raising


. In Situ / On-Farm Conservation and Use of Agricultural Biodiversity (Horticultural Crops and Wild Fruit Species) in Central Asia
. In situ / Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives Through Enhanced Information Management and Field Application

Final Reports

1st ISC Meeting
2nd ISC Meeting

African Pollinators Initiative Documents

. Pollinators Initiative literature database – (sent by Barbara Herren Gemmil) - (.xls archive)